Individual coating solutions

We develop and produce high-quality optical function layers which are especially adapted for individual requirements of our customers. We will find the right path from your idea to your product.


Optical Filters and Mirrors for the Highest Precision

S1 Optics GmbH develops and produces optical coatings i.e. coatings on metals and plastics as well as on technical glass products such as Borofloat, BK 7, Duran, Pyrex, fused silica. As a service provider we aim to work with our customers as partners. We guide you from the first idea, competent consultations with our experts regarding the optical component layout through to the cost effective production of optical filters and mirrors. Our high-performance solutions cover the complete process chain within the coating technology, encompassing professional cleaning, metrological checks of the optical properties and processing the substrate, all in addition to the consultation and coating development.

The dielectric (interference layer systems) and metallic layers are created using a PVD process: electron beam evaporation, resistance evaporation and plasma-assisted coating in a high vacuum. The thin vacuum-deposited layers allow the reflection and transmission behaviour of the optical components to be influenced. Anti-reflective coatings are used when reflection from optic surfaces needs to be reduced and the transmission increased. Conversely, highly reflective coatings such as cold light mirrors are characterised by their high levels of reflectivity.

We are in the position to offer our customers from the metrology, printing, semiconductors and aerospace industries innovative, customer-specific optical filters and mirrors, which can be varied according to the application in question. Other coating solutions and application examples are UV coatings, IR absorbers, beam splitters, band-pass filters, selective mirrors and optical mirrors as well as filters for sensor technology. The ongoing development of our technology and the close cooperation with our customers and business partners are important foundations for our success. We have the solution for your requirements.

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