• S1 Optics

    Dielectric and metal coatings for your optical components
  • Functional optical layers

    for the desired functionality of your product
  • Comprehensive services and analysis

    Measuring methods and tests to qualify layers

The company

S1 Optics GmbH develops and produces optical coatings – coatings on metal and plastic, as well as coatings on technical glass products such as Borofloat, BK 7, Duran, Pyrex and quartz glass.

Individual coating solutions

S1 Optics GmbH is both a service-provider for high-quality coatings and a supplier of complete solutions. We develop and produce functional optical layers on glass, metal and plastic substrates. We can supply you with both dielectric and metal coatings.


AR coatings





Comprehensive services

We offer the complete process chain from consulting through to design, purchase of the substrate and on to mechanical processing and packing. Our metrology methods and tests are available for analysing optical coatings in line with customer requirements or common standards.


Our services

High-quality coatings

By combining all components to optimum effect, we can realize high-quality coatings for you on glass products, plastics and metals. The process involves using our qualified cleaning processes as well as our expertise in PVD coating.


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