Industrial applications

Radiation sources from UV to IR are used in industrial research and development, as well as in production processes. Whether used for inspection purposes or as a tool, the radiation must always be applied to the workpiece or the process level in spots or in large areas. Adapted optical elements with the correspondingly optimized coatings are required for the greatest possible efficiency, whether the process involves heat treatment or UV curing.


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Many of today’s common measuring devices work on the basis of optical measuring methods and use a variety of optical components such as mirrors, filters or AR coatings to achieve this.

Whether simple light curtains, image processing systems or complex spectroscopes are involved, they all require individual and customized optical components.


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Laser applications

Laser pointers, till scanners, light curtains and DVD players are just some of the examples of laser applications in our daily lives. The scope of application extends much further in the industrial environment, with lasers being used for cutting and welding, for measuring tasks or for telecommunications. Highly reflective, anti-reflective or dichroitic coatings are essential for laser function and for low-loss transmission of laser radiation.


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Medical technology

Light from the UV to the IR range is now used in diagnostics, therapy, clinical hygiene and sterility. Lasers in surgery, ophthalmology or dermatology are just a few examples. UV units for disinfecting and sterilizing instruments or workstations are further examples. These cases demand the use of optical components which, in addition to their technical functionality, also satisfy strict medical safety requirements.


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