Layer analysis for qualification


Regardless of whether the sample coating is for qualifying your product or for coating in serial production, we can supply optical coatings analysis in line with customer requirements or common standards. Our measurement methods and tests include: spectroscopy, optical microscopy, climate tests to DIN/ISO standard and layer quality to DIN/ISO 9211.

Optical spectroscopy

  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 measuring device
  • Measurements of reflection and transmission
  • Measurement of specific and integral reflection
  • Optical density measurements
  • Measuring range: wavelength 200 nm - 2500 nm

    Abrasion resistance and mechanical strength

    • Taber Linear Abraser measuring device
    • Eraser abrasion test
    • Test in line with DIN/ISO 9211-4
    • Individual abrasion tests by agreement

    Optical inspection

    • Stereo light microscope
    • Fault assessment and cleanliness test of substrates and coatings
    • Test of surface quality in line with DIN/ISO 10110-8 and MIL-O-13830A scratch-dig

    Climate tests and temperature change tests

    • Vötsch VCL 4010 Temperature Test Chamber
    • Temperature range -40°C to 180°C
    • Humidity 10 % to 95 % rh
    • Test to DIN/ISO 9022-2
    • in addition, boil test, hot/cold shock test

    Layer adhesion test

    • Tape test/tear-off test
    • Cross-cutting test
    • Test to DIN/ISO 9211-4

    Solubility and resistance test

    • Resistance to water/salt water
    • Resistance test in organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone,
    • test to DIN/ISO 9211-4

    We will be pleased to offer other test methods

    such as corrosion tests, laser-damage threshold tests, cavity ring-down measurements, biocompatibility tests, interferometer measurements and other tests in collaboration with our external partners.